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Книга «The Body Snatcher and Other Tales»

197.34 руб.


«The Body Snatcher and Other Tales» is a collection of three ghoulish tales by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the first story, «The Body Snatcher», we find Fettes and Wolfe Macfarlane engaged in the dubious business of stealing corpses for a famous unnamed professor of anatomy. In the second story, «The Bottle Imp», we learn of a magic bottle that contains a wish-granting imp. The only catch is that the bottle must be sold at a loss or its owner’s soul will burn for eternity in Hell. In the third and final story, «The Merry Men», we have the tale of Charles Darnaway who is in search of the sunken treasure of a Spanish Armada ship that he believes crashed long ago against the «Merry Men», a series of breakers that roar a hundred feet high off the coast where his Uncle Gordon lives. Fans of the macabre will be delighted by this collection of Stevenson’s more frightening tales.